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I Object!

I am not sure what most people’s opinion is about the NFL labor situation, but I find it immensely fascinating. So many twists and turns, it makes your head spin. Just this week, the lockout was deemed illegal, then it … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday! Now With Peripheral Vision!

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Big Matt McKenna

Yesterday was my brother’s birthday. I (the collective “I” meaning my wife, my youngest brother and his wife) did get him a present, but since creating a blog post as a pseudo-birthday present for Susie worked so well (aka I … Continue reading

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14 for 15

I forget how much I really like documentary movies. There is something about the way they tell a story that it keeps me coming back for more. For Christmas this year, I was given the first 15 movies in the … Continue reading

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Retreat from Wordless Wednesday

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A Repetitive Wordless Wednesday?

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Over the weekend, my wife and I rented Black Swan. I am still dealing with the aftermath of having watched it. I know of at least one other person who has blogged about this movie after having seen it, so … Continue reading

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