Seeing the Future

One of the benefits of being married is being privy to the secret talents of your loved one. So in honor of Susie’s birthday the other day, I would like to share one of my favorite of her hidden talents.

Susie works in the world of public relations and communications and she is very good at what she does. But with her secret talent, I think she has missed her true calling… Television Show Writer. Susie has an uncanny knack at being able to watch a show just briefly and be able to figure out what is going to happen. Invariably, when we are watching a scripted show, she will all of a sudden say things like “it’s sad that that person is going to get killed off” or “you know that she is the real killer”. And she is almost always right.

I am not totally sure where this skill comes from. Susie and I watch our share of television, so experience may play a part in it, but I don’t think that fact accounts for everything. Susie would like you to believe that she has some unharnessed psychic abilities that are yearning for development. And she may be right, for not only is she exquisitely skilled at figuring out the outcomes of television shows, but she also is freakishly good at filling out NCAA tournament brackets.

As best as I can tell, it all started back in high school when she unexpectedly won the bracket pool of at her then boyfriend’s fraternity. Since that time she has only continued to dominate. I cannot remember the last time that I defeated her in our yearly competition between the two of us. (Actually the competition has now expanded to three as Hannah fills out a bracket. In keeping up with tradition, I believe that Hannah beat me 2 years ago thanks to the help of Butler advancing to the Championship Game.) I keep meaning to get her to fill out a bracket for ESPN and any of a number of other online competitions so that we can retire early on all of the cash and prizes that she would naturally win. I figure between that and her soon-to-be-flourishing career as a television show writer, retirement is within our grasp sooner than I ever thought.

Susie amazes me every day in ways both big and small, ordinary and extraordinary, natural and supernatural. I am so lucky to have her as my wife and to be able to share jokes, stories, funny moments and hidden talents with her from now until her 100th birthday. So Happy Birthday Susie! I hope you had a great birthday weekend. Then again, I am sure you already knew I was going to say that.


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I'm just a man who likes to hear himself talk, yet pretends he can't stand himself.
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2 Responses to Seeing the Future

  1. Susie says:

    Correction: The fraternity bracket pool I won was when I was in high school (I was dating a college freshman). Still one of my top honors! Thanks for the post – love you!

  2. ironsalsa says:

    Oops. I thought it was the pool at Mark’s fraternity. Looks like I will have to make a correction because that makes you even cooler!

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