The Secret

As this humble corner of the web grows and develops in it’s second year in existence, I have decided that it time to expand my horizons. Last year, on family member birthdays, I would write a little something in celebration of the momentous occasion. Upon closer perusal, astute readers might have noticed that last year there were some subtle omissions from the list.

I have two wonderful sister-in-laws that did not get a birthday shout-out last year. Some of this was due to my own nervousness and some of this was due to not having accrued enough odd quirky stories that I felt comfortable enough to share. Technically, I am not sure if any of those facts have changed, but armed with my new “no fear” mindset, it would seem that celebrating the birthdays of Abby and Nicole is an idea whose time has come. It is in this vein, that we embark on this birthday post for Abby, whose birthday was the other day. The best way to start any story is at the beginning, so in honor of her birthday, it seems right to start with my first recollections of meeting Abby.

The first time that I met Abby, I didn’t actually meet her. But Susie and I both knew immediately that something special was happening with my brother Matt. We were in Door County for our annual family summer vacation a few years ago. As is the custom, when night would fall and we would be back at the cottages, most of the adults would tend to gather together and tell stories. Very rarely does someone go off and do their own thing, especially by themselves. Which is what made it so noticeable, even though I think that he was trying to keep it a secret.

On a couple of nights, my brother Matt would all of a sudden get up and disappear. He would just walk off with his phone and start walking down the path to the street. Then he would come back 10-20 minutes later like nothing happened. I wasn’t sure what was going on and thought that maybe it was something for work. And of course, being a good brother (especially when it comes to important life issues and conversations), I would steer clear of asking him anything about it.

But through some good deduction and sleuthing, Susie figured out what was going on. Matt was walking off to go talk with …. a girl. I think it was relatively early on in their relationship and he was trying to play it cool and not draw too much attention to himself, especially with a huge segment of his family surrounding him. It was at that point that Susie and I thought that something special was going on, because we had never seen Matt act like that before. And sure enough, those two crazy kids ended up getting married. Susie was right.

Since that week, we have gotten to know Abby in real flesh and blood and not just as a mysterious someone who was having a profound effect on my brother. She has been a wonderful addition to the family and I look forward to more celebrations and joyous occasions. And publish more birthday blog posts. Happy birthday Abby!


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