Happy Birthday!

Maybe I should say Happy Anniversary? Happy Blog-iversary? Either way, just over 1 year ago, this blog was born with a hope and a dream. A hope that I would say things that were relatively interesting and profound and a dream that I wouldn’t get laughed at by friends, family members and anyone else who might happen upon this little speck of dust in the electronic universe. As I mentioned in a post early on, I initially started this blog for me and my thoughts but I quickly became fixated on putting out a good product for the readers. And judging by the statistics from the past year, I think I have done a pretty decent job of that.

The past year had 148 posts, encompassing 140,100 words. I also harvested 827 raspberries this year, although technically that has nothing to do with the blog. Coming into this, I thought I would focus more on things like sports, history and pop culture. And while there has definitely some of that in here, there has been a great deal more family-centric posts in here than I ever expected to share. It also would seem that this is appreciated by the readers, because the post most viewed in the past year was The Man from UNCLE which was my reflections on becoming an uncle. While I would like to think that it was because of my heartfelt emotions and soulful writing style, I think it was mainly because I impressed my brother and sister-in-law and they shared the link with a bunch of their friends.

I have also had some embarrassing times, including when my little brother and I went head-to-head on the same topic and views of his post more than doubled mine (not that it was a competition or anything)(plus, his post was way better).

But overall, it has been a great year filled with a lot of great posts (not to brag or anything) and even better comments, whether on the blog itself or on Facebook. It is hard to pick favorites, but if I had to give a Top 5, I would have to go with (in no particular order) Who Do You Love?, Girls Rule, Boys Drool, The Man from UNCLE, Underdogs and High School Heroes. Of course, special mention goes to the post that finally explained the title of this blog that no one can pronounce.

But enough patting myself on the back, it is time to focus on you, The Reader. In the end, I really do want you to have a great experience and keep coming back to the site without me having to pay you anymore. (Don’t worry, this month’s check is still in the mail!) So to that end, I am going to end with a few polls to so that you can give me feedback to make 2012 something better than The Year The World Ends.


Once again, thank you so much for being a loyal reader and I hope that you come back for more in 2012. Feel free to share this little corner of the Internet with your friends (or enemies or even frenemies) there is always room for more people here.

Finally, I am interested in opening up this space to others, either in the form of suggested subject matter or guest blogging. If you have something interesting or intriguing that is just burning inside of you then 1) Go to the doctor and get it checked out. It might be an infection. 2) Leave a comment here or let me know via Facebook, email or Twitter and we will see what we can work out about getting your post up. 3) Make sure to take the entire course of antibiotics.

No matter what the Mayans and their incomplete calendar say, 2012 is going to be a tremendous year. Mainly because I may finally explain what this whole “IronSalsa” thing is all about.

About ironsalsa

I'm just a man who likes to hear himself talk, yet pretends he can't stand himself.
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