Building Wordless Wednesday


About ironsalsa

I'm just a man who likes to hear himself talk, yet pretends he can't stand himself.
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2 Responses to Building Wordless Wednesday

  1. Madcap says:

    I’m so very proud of you (sniff, sniff). That was not onomatopoeia meant to express sniffles of crying. I just happened to check my own B.O. after building my kids Lego sets and playing video games for three days straight with no time to shower. Man, I’m ripe!

    • ironsalsa says:

      I felt the same way on Christmas Day. Getting clean is for amateurs! After building the Harry Potter Lego set, I totally wanted to use some credit card points to buy more and more and more sets. Of course, then I would have to horde them for myself. I have so much to learn in the ways of having Legos and yet letting your kids feel like they have them too. As always, I bow to you…. The Master.

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