The Greatest Gift

The two brothers kept fidgeting nervously where they were each sitting. While there were many presents still yet to be given, but they each knew that there was really only one. The Greatest Gift Ever To Be Given. It was quietly biding its time under the tree, inside its attractive holiday wrapping.

Looking at the present, it does not belie the true awesomeness that resides inside. Now, the presents are given out by the designated elf wily-nily. But back in those days, much care was taken by the elf to see if a given present was okay to be distributed, lest the penultimate gift for an individual be given prematurely. Which is how it came to be that the two brothers were nervously fidgeting, barely caring about the presents that they were receiving. For the one true prize was still to be given out to the lucky recipient.

But was it really The Greatest Gift Ever To Be Given? That was what these two intrepid brothers were most concerned about. When they first heard of the existence of this object of all human desire and longing, it appeared to be too good to be true. How could this organic, earthy item truly be the apex of all human creativity and ingenuity? As days turned in to weeks and the day of gift giving approached, every moment began to be filled with worry. Had the two brothers actually traded all for a small useless item, like modern day Jacks, expecting magic, but fearing that all they have is beans?

But as they continued to play the entire story of how they acquired their bounty over and over in their heads, they each knew that they had made the right choice. This gift was to be all that it was expected to be. It had to be.

Finally the moment of truth had arrived. To the rest of gathered clan, the box did not look like much. The brothers had continually mentioned that this present was not to be opened yet. Even though this gift looked to be average at best and members of clan occasionally griped about what was to be climax of the gift-giving ceremony, the brothers trusted in themselves and each other. They had found the Greatest Gift To Ever Be Given.  you just needed to know how to look with your heart as well as your eyes.

The present was surprisingly light. The elf easily snatched it up and passed it to its destined owner. Owner…. hah! More like a caretaker or steward. For not only would the pure joy that lived inside be released upon the moment of opening, but this talisman of life and happiness would be a wellspring of eternal joy. A flame of life that would never be able to be extinguished, as long as it was closely guarded and held in pure love.

The moment had arrived. The two brothers, youngest and oldest united as one, looked upon the middle brother with a mixture of fear and anticipation. For a fleeting moment, self-assuredness fled from both of their hearts. But just when their worst fears were about to be realized, the middle brother exploded in jubilation. The rest of the clan was unsure what exactly was going on. What was in the box that would lead to such response? They could not get any answers as the middle brother jumped up faster than any member of the clan ever had. Like arrow released from the most powerful of bows, the receiving brother was running laps around the residence, distributing the most energetic high-fives this side of the Super Bowl.

And the two brothers breathed a sigh of relief amongst the bewildered clan as they knew the ultimate meaning of this greatest of presents. But it wasn’t until the middle brother returned to his place and triumphantly revealed the true nature of his gift that infectiously beaming smiles spread throughout the clan like wildfire. These two wise brothers had truly given The Greatest Gift To Ever Be Given.


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