Good Riddance!

I may be one of the few people out there to say this, so feel free to yell at me, scream or throw things. I hate summer. There, I said it. I hate summer.

Okay, that is not totally true. Summer itself is fine. Lots of fun outdoor activities, vacations, grilling and festivals. What I really hate is the crazy, oppressive heat.

I haven’t always been that way. I used to not care what the temperature was outside. Especially when I was playing sports. I usually thought that the hotter it was outside the better. The competition could sit there and worry about the heat, wilting away in the pressure cooker. I’ll just keep plugging away and beat you. Even now, I don’t mind playing golf in the heat or heading to the beach or the pool.

So what happened? I wasn’t sure myself until I sat down and thought about it. What has happened since those days when I would spend many hot summer days squatting in the dirt with my catcher’s gear or a football helmet on? Oh yeah, kids and a job!

The hard part about summer now is that most of the time, I am getting all dressed up in a shirt and tie (maybe throw in a white lab coat) and I am sweating profusely the moment I walk into my garage and it only gets worse from there. Even on those days when I don’t have to don the shirt and bow-tie (I’m not going to lie, I do rock some pretty awesome bow-ties):

I end up donning a different, but probably more weighty, part of my wardrobe. A small child. I love my children, but during the summer the last thing that I really want is another sweaty body draped all over me, making me exponentially more hot and sweaty.

Trifecta! A rockin' bowtie, me hot and sweaty is a suit with a kid draped on me!

So, as much as I am sad to see the calendar turn to September and the golf and pool season come to a close, I was so glad to have that cold front come through the other day that hopefully banished the heat and humidity of the summer to 2012. Autumn and Spring are my favorite seasons of the year. I love wearing a sweatshirt or long-sleeve shirts with a pair of shorts. I love that slight cool feeling in the air. It is still usually warm enough to do things outside, but the weather makes me feel alive with its cool snap.

Have you ever been standing outside and felt a cold front wash over you? I did once and it was amazing and unreal all at the same time. I was playing outside once as a child in the empty lot (aka The Prairie) across the street from our house. I saw the darker clouds coming in but didn’t think too much of them. I was out there by myself and apparently was too wrapped up in what I was doing to be bothered to be scared inside by an oncoming storm. All of a sudden, I got blasted with a wall of cold air. It made my whole body go numb for a few moments as the temperature dropped at least 20 degrees. It was exhilarating. A few moments later, the exhilaration wore off as I started getting pelted with cold, hard rain, but the experience was fun while it lasted.

Hopefully this crisp, cool weather is here to stay for awhile. I am looking forward to having the windows open and wearing a long-sleeve shirt or two. Of course the problem with Indiana is that Spring and Autumn only last for about 2 weeks each. The extreme temperatures of Summer and Winter predominate around here. But at least I have the next 2 weeks.


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I'm just a man who likes to hear himself talk, yet pretends he can't stand himself.
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