Decisions, Decisions

You are about to be a witness to a Mamihlapinatapei first. No, its not our 100th post (actually that occurred last week). For the first time, I am going to explain one of my Wordless Wednesday posts.

As a point of reference, Wordless Wednesday is a blogging tradition wherein on Wednesday, you do not type any words. Instead you post a picture and that picture is supposed to be self-explanatory. Admittedly, most of my Wordless Wednesday posts are somewhat cryptic, but that is part of the fun (at least for me!)

Last Wednesday I posted the following picture:

For those of you that have blocked out the 90’s, this is Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh from Beverly Hills, 90210. These characters were two parts of one of the greatest love triangles in television history. In fact, one episode of the show revolved around Dylan McKay moping around town trying to figure out which of the two girls he was going to pick while this Lovin’ Spoonful  song played over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Recently I have discovered that I have my own decision to make. No, I am not involved in any love triangle. I need to figure out what new smartphone I am going to get.

Just about 2 years ago, I started a new relationship. She was sleek, slim and jet black. Her name was Pre. And she was fun, beautiful and smart. Everything you could ever ask for in a phone.

Up until that time, I had never been that impressed by any cellphone. In general, I am not a huge fan of talking on the phone, so on the whole I didn’t get what the big deal was. I had previously had a Palm Treo which was serviceable, but I really didn’t use it to its fullest capabilities. When I purchased it, we got a free trial of the data package and frankly, I was underwhelmed. It was nice to be able to check my email, but surfing the Web was tedious, at best. After the free trial, we cancelled the data package. The Treo was a dependable PDA/phone for about 3 years. But after a few too many drops, it finally became unusable. It was time to get a new phone.

After spending a good hour or more in the store, right at closing time, I settled on the Pre. I had done some research and was impressed by the ability to have more than one program running at a time and the sleek touchscreen. It also had a real QWERTY keyboard. Sure it cost a bit extra over the “new phone” credit, but it seemed to be worth it. Little did I know how worth it.

From the get go, the Pre was awesome. It was intuitive, fast and the mobile Internet was lightyears ahead of my last experience. I had gone from a guy who half wished he didn’t need to carry a cellphone, to bragging and showing off his phone all of the time. Even though the iPhone was on its 3rd iteration, I felt the Pre blew it out of the water and I told some of my co-workers with iPhones as such many times. Then again, I was somewhat biased.

As I have explained before, I can be somewhat of a contrarian. Especially when it comes to something that everyone is touting as “the greatest”. For years, everyone has been extolling the virtues of the iPhone that I almost reflexively recoiled away from it. Before the Pre, it was easy to rail against the iPhone, because it was not offered on my service provider and we weren’t inclined to switch. Once I had the Pre it was even more ammunition to fight the iPhone behemoth with.

Apparently I was one of the few people who really loved their Pre, mainly because I had no problems with mine. After awhile I ran in to people who had to have their Pre replaced 3, 4 or even more times because a physical part of the phone (the on/off switch, and the screen most commonly) kept dying. My Pre was still going strong, so didn’t pay it much attention.

However, like most flings, this white-hot relationship soon soured. As the other occupants of the rental house in Captiva could probably recount (mainly my wife, my brothers and sister-in-laws) I complained about my phone non-stop. Facebook wasn’t working properly and no one from Facebook or Palm seemed to be working on a solution. No one was developing any decent apps for the Pre, which was especially glaring when I became mildly jealous of my wife and brother frequently playing “Words With Friends” against each other as well as other people back in Indianapolis and Pittsburgh. I wanted to play too, but no one seemed to think enough of WebOS (the Palm operating system) to make a Words With Friends version for it. (They also didn’t want to make Alchemy either, only the most addicting game ever. That is a conversation for another day however.) I was ready to break up with the Pre and move to the Evo.

However, the Pre received a reprieve when Facebook started working again. I thought things were on the upswing because soon after that, I learned that Palm (now HP, because they had acquired Palm) was going to release the Pre3. And it seemed to be even better than the Pre! It was coming out in the summer, so I only had to make it until then.

But there was a hitch. The Pre didn’t say which providers were going to get the Pre3. It was first released on Sprint (my provider) so I couldn’t imagine it not being available to me. Unfortunately, the rumors were that Sprint was so mad about the hardware problems of the original Pre (especially because they had gone “all-in” with the Pre as their “iPhone killer”) that they were declining to offer it. But there was no official word, so there was still hope.

About once a week (or maybe a bit more often), I would check the web for the latest Pre3 rumors. Never a peep. While this was frustrating, it also made me more hopeful as the summer went on. If there was no official word on whom was going to be offering the Pre3, it must be because of last minute negotiations between HP and Sprint. Each week of the summer that went by without an announcement made me feel like the chances of a Pre3 getting into my hands was going higher and higher.

Apparently, I was just being lifted up only to be mercilessly crushed. On the fateful day of August 18th, HP dropped the guillotine on the Pre3, announcing that they were getting out of the mobile technology business, effective immediately. My heart sank. It was the end of an era. What was I going to do without my Pre?

After a brief period of mourning, I came to the realization that I was just going to go with the Evo. It had a cool touchscreen as well, plus the added benefit of being able to get Words With Friends and Alchemy. Not to shabby for a “rebound” phone. I had discussed with Susie that at some point in the the next few weeks, I was going to go to the Sprint store to get a new phone. Good thing I waited.

For last week it was leaked that the iPhone was coming to Sprint. While nothing is official, it sure puts a lot of ideas in my head of what my next move is going to be. Ironically, I used to be one of the biggest anti-iPhone people that I knew. But apparently the minute that one becomes available to me, I will drop my self-righteousness, put on a cloak of hypocrisy and line up to get the iPhone5 like everyone else.

What has caused such a change of heart (besides the demise of the Pre)? I have become surrounded by Apple products. It started when we decided to switch from a PC to an iMac. It was difficult, but in the end it has been a great move. Then that spawned the Macbook and an iPad2. Followed closely by Apple TV. I’m pretty sure I would get an iBowtie if they made one.

In the end, it would be so much easier to sync up with the rest of the devices in the house, there a bunch of cool apps that I did not previously have available to me (including Words With Friends. Watch out Susie, Brian and Cara, I’ll be coming for you!) Sure, I can’t get Alchemy, but nothing is perfect. Now, if only there was an app to figure out which phone is Kelly and which one is Brenda.

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