From Joey, With Love

A correction has been made. Thanks to very smart readers, I have been reminded that the book Joey read was “I Will Love You Forever”, not “The Velveteen Rabbit” which, you may remember, was involved in an entirely different episode as a birthday present for a girl both Joey and Chandler were attracted too.

There was an episode of Friends where Ross and Rachel were having a 1st Birthday party for their daughter, Emma. All of the gang was invited and, as usual, random and wacky hijinks ensue. At one point, Phoebe asks Joey what he brought as a present for the baby. He says he hasn’t brought anything and asks her what she brought. Phoebe (the “musician” of the group) says that she has composed a song for Emma. Later in the episode, when he is desperate for something, Joey steals the idea and decides he is going to do a dramatic reading of I Will Love You Forever for Emma’s birthday (since he is an “actor”), which despite its lack of preparation, becomes the best gift at the party.

My wife’s birthday was yesterday, so I am hoping I can do a similar thing with this blog. I was gone at a meeting for most of her birthday and while I did not come home empty-handed (mmmm, Sherman’s Ice Cream, fresh from South Haven!) and Hannah and I did bake an excellent cake for her this morning, I think that I could have done better. Hopefully this post listing some of my favorite, albeit little-known, facts about Susie can be my dramatic reading of I Will Love You Forever.

Susie is a horrible liar –  She can’t even tell the littlest fib without tipping off that she is lying. While this is an overall laudable and admirable quality, it also causes some minor issues in our life. While we are not the biggest practical jokers in the world, on occasion we do attempt to plant stickers or labels on each other, lure each other into Hannah sneak attacks/traps and other minor league faire. We also like to try an surprise each other. Yet none of these can be properly executed because I can always sniff out when Susie is lying. It’s something in the tone of delivery and her manner of speaking. Its not even about lack of a good “poker face”, she gives it away even when I can’t see her.

Susie is very crafty and creative – For people that know her, this is a rather obvious statement. Having seen the scores of cards, invitations, paintings, decorations and many other projects, most people I know have been a witness to her creative powers. However, what impresses me the most is the depth of her creativity and her ability to adapt to new outlets for her creativity. She has taught herself more new creative skills than I can remember. From when I first knew her, Susie was a rubber stamper and embosser, and has developed into a graphic/computer designer, scrapbooker, seamstress, quilter, photographer, bead artist/jewelry maker, chef and much, much more. About the only thing I know of that she tried to pick up that didn’t work out was calligraphy, and that was only because she didn’t really enjoy it so never really worked at it. My favorite part of the process is watching her develop her skills. She decides she wants to get into something and then throws herself into it. (Now comes my minor contribution to the process.) She is a perfectionist, so she always criticizes herself for not being able to pick up the new skills faster. As the laid-back part of the team, I reassure her, she believes in herself, gets back to practicing and soon enough she is mastering yet another skill. If not for her innumerable skills, Hannah and Amelia’s future school play costumes would end up being very shabbily put together by me.

Susie is psychic – While she would never make it as a spy because of our first entry, with some work and practice, Susie could add clairvoyance to her list of creative skills. Susie likes to talk about how her grandmother was psychic and that it runs in her family. She will readily admit that she has not fully realized her powers yet, she only gets inklings and premonitions on occasion. She likes to say that she needs to go to a School of Psychics or something so that she can reach her full potential. But I have witnessed the results of her fledgling skills and it is pretty freaky. She’s no Nostradamus…..yet.

Susie loves March Madness – If were up to Susie, Selection Sunday tomorrow would be a national holiday. She loves to fill out tournament brackets and she almost always beats me. In fact, as a freshman a Purdue, she won the tournament pool at her boyfriend-at-the-time’s fraternity house. This despite the fact that she might watch 1 college basketball game a year. This might in part be to her burgeoning psychic skills, but I think it is also because of her undying love of March Madness.

Now if only I could find a way for Selection Sunday to be on her birthday next year, then I would really have the ultimate birthday present. The committee is here in town working hard in a hotel conference room, maybe next year they want to set up shop in a cozy home in Zionsville.

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One Response to From Joey, With Love

  1. me. who else? says:

    wait….Rachel and Ross have a daughter.
    since when???

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