Have you ever wanted something so bad that it hurt? The desire for that thing quickly becomes the focus of everything in your life. It’s the first thing you think of when you wake up and it is the last thing you think of before you go to sleep. Every waking moment is consumed with obsessing about that one thing.  You can’t keep your mind on task when you are at work. People talk to you but all you hear is “Blah blah blah blah”. Food doesn’t taste as good, your favorite song never comes on the radio anymore. All seems lost and the world is dark because you don’t think you will ever find what you have been yearning for. However, out of nowhere you catch a glimpse of what is possible. Your mind and body resonate like a tuning fork when you realize that the object of your desire is unexpectedly close at hand. BAM! Desire finally meets possibility and you get what you have been longing for all of these long weeks.

Sweet relief of all the negativity and tension. A flood of joyous emotion floods over your soul. Suddenly, the sky is more blue. The grass actually appears to be getting a little bit green. The air is not as cold. There is hop in your step and a song in your heart. Anything and everything seems possible. Most importantly, you wonder why it took so long to get what you desired. You will never forget the pure joy of that moment when your yearning has been ultimately satisfied. You vow to never let the same barriers as before get in the way. Nothing will keep you from your Precious ever again. Nothing.

Man, did I really need that haircut.


About ironsalsa

I'm just a man who likes to hear himself talk, yet pretends he can't stand himself.
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