I was reading something online last week when I came across an article titled ‘2011 Make or Break Year for Lindsay Lohan’. At first I thought to myself, “That would be an excellent article for ‘Duh!'” (a made-up journal my old clinic preceptor wants to start for research that is pain-stakingly obvious, like ‘soda causes obesity’ or ‘ice cream and cake only diet not healthy for you’).

After multiple trips in and out of rehab, multiple failed movies and being dropped from a movie role that was supposed to bring her back to prominence (playing Linda Lovelace, a woman with a rather troubled past, in a biopic about her life), this at first seems like a very obvious statement. But is this really a breaking point? What makes 2011 different than the two previous years?

I would maintain that nothing is going to change for her this year. Why? It would be obvious to say ‘because she’s an addict’, but that answer is too easy. The bigger problem is she has no motivation to change. And why should she change (at least in her mind. I am sure that most of us could think of a lot of “constructive criticism” for LiLo)? No matter what she does, she is still getting what she wants, the most powerful drug of all… ATTENTION.

For you, me and most other people we know, getting fired from a job (or multiple jobs) pretty much signifies rock bottom. But not for celebrities like Lindsay. As long as she keeps on getting paid for interviews, put on magazine covers, doing endorsements and getting invited to posh parties as a VIP, life is golden. Being clean or having fallen off the wagon is irrelevant. In fact, that kind of “Is she or isn’t she using again” chatter only feeds the fire even more and makes a celebrity more “interesting”. Plus, they can get the added bonus of the classic American “Comeback Story”. America loves its heroes, but it loves its fallen heroes who redeem themselves even more. (Which makes the Michael Vick story even more intriguing, because his is one of the few stories I can recall where once the celebrity is back on top, people have not just brushed aside the previous transgressions. Could be because the “Comeback Story” is trumped by another more powerful American archetype, “The Loyal Dog”.)

So until people stop buying magazines, networks stop holding vigil outside of every court hearing and urine test, and until idiot bloggers stop writing about her , Lindsay and all those misbehaving celebrities will keep doing what they are doing. But once the spotlight has turned towards someone else and no one would dream about writing a “This Year is Make or Break for …” article, then you know you are in trouble.

Personally, I hope Lindsay does get her life turned around. Then she can get back to honing her craft and once again start churning out top quality movies.

Like “Life-Size 2


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